Friday, November 13, 2009

much ado about nothing

konichiwa, its the time again, nothing to do, and really bored, so instead of dillydallying, im going to write about some games im currently playing and animes im watching:

Tekken 6 (PS3) : 4 words… better than street fighter!

Lego Rockband (PS3) : now this is fun! been playing this game with my wife

Bayonetta (PS3) : its like DMC with more attitude.., buy this game, its really worth it :) it has a perfect score 40/40 given by famitsu(xbox360) and 38/40(ps3)

fallout 3 GOTY(PS3): i was a fan of the fallout series since the PC days, and fallout 3 was a dream come true for us. more missions means more fun!

SRW Neo (Wii) : i have this sickness of collecting every SRW game out there, and this one's no exception. been playing the early stages, but will have to wait for a walkthru to finish this game since its in japanese, and to to unlock secret characters.

my psn id is g4skaiser, anyone can add me up, the more the merrier :)

currently watching:
Saint Seiya Lost Canvas : wow, this is what all saint seiya fans was waiting for, no more seiya!!! yay! hallelujah.

by the way, we will be releasing the series 2 of our tribute series early next week. and we think you all know who they are, so keep checking our websites! back to work for us.:)

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