Tuesday, December 22, 2009

final fantasy xiii is here woot

ah, the long and winding road... the pain of waiting for a game, 3 years exactly, well the day has come, the wait is over, final fantasy xiii is within my grasp and im playing it. well, sort of. its a japanese import, so i dont understand anything at all, except for some basics.

the gameplay is still turn based, but it is more like semi rts/turn based. so its fast and enjoyable. i am still waiting for some faqs for this import to really start playing it til the end.

here are some games i have been playing and recommend:

Zelda Spirit Tracks - well, its a zelda game, what's more to say? nice game system and story

SRW Endless Frontier - i just finished this game, and i must say, its damn good. :) the action is fast paced, and the art is what you expect from a banpresto game. as usual, the story is shallow hehe.

Love Plus - the game thats been hyped all over japan. its a unique game, but its full japanese, so i advice you to google this first, theres a wiki for this game, and its all been translated so you could play it. nice game :)

FFXIII - hmm, some gamers say this is not the best ff series, some say it is, but what the heck, its still made by square enix and tetsuya nomura, so all is good hehe. cant wait for ffxiii versus too!

Tales of Vesperia - ahh, another tales game. but i think this is the best tales yet, the humor, the game system, the characters, 2 thumbs up! it is really addicting too, try to get the faq first so you can get all the trophies

Super Mario Bros Wii - they're back! the brothers are here again, i think it was 10 years ago since the last mario bros. game, and its all coming back with full force. same 2d gameplay but with lots of enhancements, and best of all, mario in penguin suit. kawaii!

F1 2009 - ugh, not really that good, and its really hard to use the motion control. graphics is bland too. wait for the ps3 version

Gundam vs Gundam next Plus - one of the reason to get a PSP. hehe. I may be biased but its an Action gundam battle brawl. Unicorn is here too!

Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos - its made by banpresto, and the battle system is kinda like the SRW series. lots of booby and erotic scenes too, if you like the series and if your a jrpg gamer, give this a try.

well thats all folks! if youre a gamer, i think you will be saving some money for the q1 releases, keep in mind that Star ocean int'l. last rebellion and End of Eternity will be hitting shelves this january, so dont spend all that money! happy xmas!!


Jill said...

So lucky!! I can't wait until we get Final Fantasy XIII in the States!

stephen said...

hello jill happy new year! if you cant wait for the march US release you can order the 1st print japan version on playasia.com :) the service is really fast and secured :)

here are some helpful websites for translations :