Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ola amigos

hello, happy new year to everyone! well, its 2010, and we kick off the start of the year by doing our first ever ganmetall celsius custom show. we are crunching our time to finish off our tribute series 4 and the much delayed suparobo series. we will be releasing the figures on the 3rd week of january. :)

well, for the gamers out there, here are some of the games ive been playing, oh, btw, gundam unicorn will be released next month! cant wait!

Half minute hero
at first the game's kinda dull, but once you know how to play it, its really fun! 30 seconds of non stop action, there is little strat involve, but the story is really funny. you can download the demo on psn

Gran Turismo
over 800 cars to collect. wow. for a psp game, that a lot of farming hehe, the best thing is you can transfer your collection to the upcoming gt5 coming this march, so you can start collecting your cars right now! the gameplay's good, and the graphics are nice too for a psp game. the adhoc multiplayer is a lot of fun. highly recommended!

FFXIII - still playing final fantasy hehe, havent played any new games yet. but january will have a lot of nice releases, including last rebellion and ar tonelico 3

well that's it folks, i havent been playing quite awhile since we bought a digital piano, im learning the basics for now, but i hope i would become a great virtuoso one day :D ciao amigos!

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