Sunday, February 21, 2010

lotsa games to play argh!

I think you heard the news about the PS3 being hacked, well its true, but im skeptical about the hackers making a custom firmware about it, how can you download the content of a bluray disc? if you think about it, final fantasy xiii xbox360 version has 3 dual layered dvd discs, that about 25gb of content. the bd burner is still expensive and a blank bd costs around $15-20, the only solution for now is to have an external storage, lets wait and see… :) (BUY ORIGINALS MY FRIENDS! support the developers!)

we will be releasing our first half of the ganpla series 2 next week, so stay tuned! it took us a month just to make the first customs because of the parts (lots and lots of parts believe me)

ugh, lots of games will be releasing this coming week and next month, the games im excited about are resonance of fate(end of eternity in japan), last rebellion and heavy rain, but, here are some games ive been playing for now,


Star Ocean International - this game was released for the xbox 360 last year, but finally it was released for the ps3. everything is the same with the difference of an anime type portraits and japanese audio. the gameplay is like the tales series, it has a real time combat battle system. the story is a bit cliche to some older star ocean titles, but its still fun. i liked the gameplay of ff xiii more than this one, and the story is not as engaging as ff xiii, if youre itching for an rpg game, wait for resonance of fate.

Bioshock 2 - the sequel to the game of the year has arrived, the graphics are sub par, but the gameplay is still as good as the original. if you played the first one, dont miss this one out.

Dante's Inferno - well, honestly i dont like this game much, the story on paper might sound interesting, but its still heavily influenced by devil may cry/diablo, and compared to darksiders, i love the latter way way more than this title.


Classic Dungeon - the title might sound mediocre, but trust me, ive been playing this game more than all the recent games ive been playing. its a classic rpg/hack and slash dungeon crawler, and the fun thing is you can create your own characters! it is like 3d dot game heroes in 2D, and its not a bad thing. simple gameplay and addicting rpg action. this game is on my top 10 psp games of all time.


Sands of Destruction - another ho-hum title? NOT! the title might sound boring but the game is a wonderful gem to play! its a turned based strategy game much like the ff series mixed with kingdom hearts style animation. if youre looking for an rpg for the ds, try this and i assure you wont be dissappointed.

Dragon Quest VI - its a dragon quest game, i might be biased about it but the dragon quest series are my favorite series from square enix. i love the game, but its in japanese, so lets all wait for the english version(hoping it will be released this year)

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