Monday, July 12, 2010

Ganmetall Celsius Show - Photos - July 10, 2010

with John Spankystokes, Gino (TAG) and Jonathan (Kuso Vinyl)
1/2 of Rotobox

Raffle time!
Winner of the Overheat Celsius giveaway. Congrats!
with Jonathan(Kuso Vinyl) and Jure (Scapegoat)
with Jryu
with Jamie (Kollectible Kulture)with Reactor 88

Many Thanks to Kuso Vinyl, John "spankystokes", Gino, Sean, Alex, VP, Jia Jia, Quan, Alvin and the gang, AOPtv, Jamie, Jose, Jryu, Dave "Outtamymind", Tony Nakanari, Babyvtec, Jure, Ritzy, Kevin, Taskone, Venilyn, Sarah, Martin, Mark and all the artists who participated in the show (your customs are awesome!!) and of course, for everyone who came!!! We had a blast and it was an awesome show! :)

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