Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reminder: DIY Celsius Contest - Spankystokes X Kuso Vinyl

Well it's about time we have another HUGE contest, and this time around Kuso Vinyl and are happy to launch the DIY Celsius Custom Contest! The contest is a call out to the best of the best in the vinyl community to create your own awesome works of art using Rotobox's amazing DIY vinyl Celsius figure. How do you enter you ask? All you need to do is buy a DIY Celsius from MyPlasticHeart HERE, Frozen Empire Toys HERE or from Kuso's store HERE, customize it, take GOOD pictures of it, send SpankyStokes an email ( ) with the picture of your creation attached. The deadline to get your picture in is September 1st, so get cranking on those customs!

Once all entries are submitted voting will begin the week of September 6th, with the top votes, and winner announced on September 11th. The top three winners will win some amazing prizes... and unfortunately the 510 Celsius show has been canceled do to some unforeseen circumstances, so the top three will no longer be displayed... but the winners sill get some amazing prizes so let get those pieces submitted!

First place: Gets a completed set of Celsius figures (OG, FMJ, WST, Transition, plus a Fahrenheit "Spiki" exclusive figure), and a Celsius & Fahrenheit giclee print set!
Second place: Will receive a Celsius OG and FMJ plus a Fahrenheit "Spiki" exclusive figure!

Thrid place: Gets a Fahrenheit "Spiki" exclusive figure and a Fahrenheit giclee print!

Please only one entry per person, as this is an awesome opportunity to get your work seen by the world, so we gotta spread the love! Have fun, spread the word!

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