Saturday, November 6, 2010

"you cant rush i beg to differ"

ah, at looong last, after a month of nonstop apoxie clay, sanding and painting, the godaiqeen voltes v is finally finished. it will probably be the last suparobo custom we will gonna make for the year, since we are literrally RUSHING a custom dunny for the art basel show, courtesy of kidrobot and gibson guitars, and a sketchbot custom, all within 2 weeks!!! it will be a challenge for us hehe. we are also planning to make a jumbo machinder early next year, though we are still undecided who to make, anyways, we will start working on our custom 1 of 1 heltershelter series of 10 for a february 2011 release in hongkong, so watch out for it :)

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