Monday, June 27, 2011

"Gone Metal" Celsius CD and more at TTF!

Above is the art design for the "Gone Metal" Celsius demo cd.
It has 10 instrumental guitar tracks composed and played by Spencer, 1/2 of rotobox. Spencer has been playing the guitar for many years and it has always been one of his passions. Limited quantities will be available at TTF.
And hey, you can also have the cd doodled if you like!

To listen to some of the songs from the cd, visit Reijin's FB page.

Don't forget to catch Dave Quiles and Spencer Ong on July 9, 2pm to 250pm!
Aside from the Gone Metal Celsius cd, there are also lots of stuff available at the event at very special prices. Some of the items are Artist Proof OG celsius, Zero Degrees Celsius, Kurogane Fahrenheit (only one of each will be available), several DIY celsius, Urban Forest Jewelry by Dave Quiles (Awesome stuff!!), TTF exclusive Art Assault tees designed by several artists and more! So don't forget to drop by the Art Assault's exhibit booth :)

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