Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kuso Vinyl / Kusopop will be on SDCC 2011 ! yey!

its official folks, jonathan just informed us that kuso vinyl / kusopop will be on sdcc this year! be sure to drop by their booth! the booth no. is 605. below are some of the products they will be selling exclusively just for SDCC. im excited for the release of our new characters, the "THUNDERCRAPS.. HoOOO!" the leader of the crap gang is lion-oh..really? and he will be available as a regular figure for the chiisai series, and we will have a rare chase figure that surely will be sought after :D (hint : he likes to growl and he likes playing with a whip.:D)
also available exclusively for the event is the fahrenheit x spiki project. what do you have when you combine the cuteness of nakanari and the craziness of rotobox? well, this is the result. fahrenheit in spiki costume!

we will post more information on more exclusives and surprises from kuso.

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