Monday, March 15, 2010

its raining unicorns and japanese mafias

hello guys! we are still busy finishing our 2nd half of the ganpla series 2, and i think its worth the wait. :) anyways, we have lots of pending projects, so it will be a busy summer for the two of us. here are some of the animes and games im busy with atm :)

gundam unicorn - 1 word to describe this anime. WOW. it gave me goosebumps specially on the last minutes of the anime, the animation is fluid, the design of the gundam is unique. the only bad thing about it is you have to wait til autumn for the OVA 2!! argh, this is torture.

summer wars - i heard its really good, from the makers of the girl who leapt thru time, i still havent watch this yet, but hopefully by the weekend

Heavy Rain (PS3) - hah! havent played an adventure type game in years since the lucasgames(SCUMM games, i miss those..) its a really great game for the ps3, the story is really good, and its like reading a choose your own adventure book. there are also some explicit scenes, so its for mature audiences only. if you have a ps3 you definitely would not to miss this. newline cinema is preparing for a movie adaptation of this game too. :)

Mugen no Frontier SRW OG exceed (NDS) - i love the first game, and the second part doesnt disappoint either. if youre an SRW fan like i am , dont miss this! same action jrpg with exaggerated animations like bouncing boobies hyok hyok

Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku(PSP) - nippon ichi + disgaea type + real time action rpg + tons of customizations = zettai hero! im addicted to the game since it first launched, and a definite must have for action jrpg fans!

well, march is almost over, and im really excited to get my hands on god of war 3 and yakuza 3, and by april MGS peacewalker is out!@!! cant wait!



Can't wait to see the next Gundam tribute by you guys! Everything so far has been awesome! I've been a robot collector for a while and I'm doing some designer toy projects, so I wonder why it's taken me so long to catch on to your guys' stuff...

Btw, any chance we'll ever see an Acguy?

Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica said...

Thanks! :) No plans yet on doing a Acguy custom for now, we do have other gundam characters in line for the next few months.

Plastic Booty said...

I'll be on the look out for them, hopefully I can get a bid in on them before they're sold out this time- the Zaku Celcius was so awesome, but I don't think I'll be tracking it down anytime soon.

Also, crazy respect for you guys for doing a Baron Ashura custom- Maz wouldn't be the same with out him/her.

Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica said...

I can email you once our next gundam is finished if you like :) you can email us at

thank you! :)

Anthony Andres said...

Sounds good! Please do! (this is Anthony from Plastic Booty btw)