Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skelanimals X Qee Project - Toy2r update

We're very happy to be part of this project.
Thank you Kevin/Toy2r an Skelanimals!

Toy2R proudly announces the line up of talented artists participating in the upcoming collaboration between Skelanimals and Qee. This series will be released in multiple assortments featuring all new 3" Qee Figures based on the popular Skelanimals Characters. Each will included the Qee ...Keychain attachment to carry your Skelanimal Qee everywhere you go!

The designs were inspired by the Skelanimals brand but 100% original to each artist. This has been a labor of love where each artist was given full freedom to create their own idea representing their vision of Skelanimals.

This series includes designs from Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, Jim Koch, Pocket Wookie, Mshrobot, PO!, Voltaire, Rotobox, Nick Z, Albert Art, Jason Freeny, Lunabee, Reactor 88, Frank Mysterio, Chauskoskis and William Walison. Not to mention variants and chase figures randomly mixed in!

Be prepared to be amazed as Toy2R releases the Skelanimals Qees this summer!

As Skelanimals say, Eat Your Heart Out!


toyboy said...

wow congrats spencer and stephen! :D

Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica said...

Thanks Nico :)