Thursday, June 10, 2010

Debametall Fahrenheit 101

hi guys! fahrenheit is just around the corner, and a lot of people are asking who he is and what he is. here are some faqs about our lovable villain:

who is fahrenheit?
fahrenheit is the nemesis of celsius. you can say that celsius will be having a really hard time beating him since fahrenheit knows everything about celsius... in fact, they were once one being, known before as mashin celsius. the good and love side of mashin goes to celsius while the evil and hate part goes to fahrenheit. the emperor nyan nyan discovered mashin celsius in a tomb and decided to replicate him, but while dissecting mashin into parts, mr. censored, the head of S3UCK stole some parts and half the a.i brain of mashin, thus becoming celsius. the remaining parts and half a.i.brain was made to become fahrenheit by emperor nyan nyan.

what is fahrenheit?
fahrenheit can't speak, so he uses a blackboard around his neck to write stuff he wants to say. he doesnt use any ballistic weapons since he is a traditional type of warrior. he uses 4 katanas with 2 hands. he is hot headed but he practice the ways of the samurai, which are honor, respect and integrity.

well, thats about it folks, be sure to check out for the release of debametall fahrenheit. we are planning to have a short flash animation or more web comics of the TWINY universe... if we have some time :) thanks guys! :D

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