Thursday, June 24, 2010

E3 has come and gone

i just watched the press conference of the big 3, sony, nintendo and microsoft. and i must say, the best of e3 was nintendo. from the upcoming exclusive wii titles and the official unveiling of 3ds, it got me sooo excited! sony did good with the unveiling of twisted metal, which was a surprise and killzone 3, oh man, the graphics and intense gameplay, 2 thumbs up! and the best of sony was, GT5 in november!!!! so time to save up for a 3d LEDTV, 3d glasses and a force feedback steering wheel! the microsoft conference was a little bit boring, specially the kinect games, except for the upcoming kinect starwars game. they showed a lot of sequels to past games, so its not as exciting as nintendos. microsoft also unveils the new xbox360 slim, which was leaked a few weeks ago, so no surprise there. here are just some of the upcoming games coming this fall/ next year that got me excited:

kirby's epic yarn
epic mickey - woot! (specially the 2d area)
legend of zelda skyward sword - double woot!!!

Kid Icarus - TRIPLE WOOT!
metal gear solid 3ds - INFINITE WOOT!
resident evil
paper mario

dragonquest 9 (US version) at long last.

killzone 3
twisted metal
MGS rising
call of duty black ops
GT5 in november

err, im a ps3fanboy since i got the RROD with 2 consoles. hopefully the slim version will be a stable one, so i can play the japanese shmups!
gears of war 3 - the only game i want for xbox hehe

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