Sunday, March 27, 2011

the rotobox lego anatomica volume 2 mini comic! :D

havent done anything else on the weekend, so i made another silly and useless lego mini comic. parental guidance please! :D enjoy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Vinyl Addiciton EP 12 - SDCC

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Host Jesse Hernandez on Location at San Diego Comic Con featuring interviews with Maxx242, Kuso Vinyl, Nakanari, Rotobox, Jure Gavran, Gary Baseman, Ron English, Jermaine Rogers, Simone Legno of TOKIDOKI, Jeff Soto, Chris Ryniak, and SCRIBE.

With Cameos from tons of other artists, companies, and Fans such as MArka27, Kano, Muttpop, Jenson from Gallery 1988, MAD.

the rotobox lego anatomica mini comic! :D

hello guys! we just released the commissioned piece megamunny w-gundam, 1 down, 2 more jumbos to go. we are now working on the rough finishes for the 2nd in line, and hopefully be finished around the 1-2 weeks time. in the meanwhile, please enjoy a mini comic featuring everybody's favorite hero/villain darth "choke" vader! :D

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Scheherazade" custom dunny

"Scheherazade" custom dunny commissioned for a music producer - edition of 1

Below is a demo video