Sunday, April 24, 2011

super robot taisen Z 2 !!!

what better way to spend the holy week than playing super robot taisen z2 for the psp! this is probably one of the best srw game in the series, havent been excited playing it since the last srw z for the ps2. for anyone who loves robots, i recommend playing it! this is the 1st of 2 part series. if you need some help and translations, you can check out this website, it has all the translations you need :D enjoy!

Friday, April 15, 2011


its the weekend again! our 2nd in line jumbo machinder is on its way to painting process. we are trying to finish the custom by the end of april so we could start fresh on may for our 3rd jumbo machinder custom. anyways, enjoy a short comic strip from yours truly! parental guidance please! :) please press on the picture so you could read the texts. sorry :D

photoshoots of various rva customs and productions

just some awesome pictures taken from our good friend nathaniel "fathom graphis" sy. thanks nats! enjoy!
transition state of mind celsius. sold out
love the effect on this pic :)
voltes v jumbo machinder 1 of 1
only one will survive. pick your side!

OG debametall fahrenheit

OG w/ the limited kurogane fahrenheit

Friday, April 8, 2011

rotobox lego anatomica volume 3!

hehe got a short spare time while working on our current project... enjoy! parental guidance!

Debametall Fahrenheit Inazuma now available

Fahrenheit Inazuma is now available at This is a shared exclusive between Spaghetti Project and Kuso Vinyl. Limited to only 50 pcs. Comes with a cape, a blackboard, 4 swords, and a mini comic.