Thursday, July 28, 2011

thundercraps x thundercats!!!

Huge thanks to the Thundercats crews from WB holding the Thundercraps "Tigrowl" figure. Special thanks to Will. we are truly honored! :D

at loooong last!

ah it feels soo good completing the national pokedex, it took me over 200hrs of gameplay, trading, hatching eggs and getting the wondercard events1 but it sure was fun doing all of it :D

Rotobox Parallel Works - Akira custom - Kaneda's Robot

This is the first figure for our Rotobox Parallel Works series.
The concept of this series is that we do our version of a certain character but with a twist, like a parallel universe or a different outlook on the character, in this case, it's from the anime Akira, where Kaneda has a bike, and in our parallel works series, we did a robot instead :)
but we still based the concept on kaneda's bike.
The poster that we did is also based on the poster of Akira, where kaneda is walking straight to his bike.

Monday, July 11, 2011

TTF 2011 After Party at Monster Gear

Dave, me and Sweeth :)

Our good friend Dennis and Spencer

Saturday, July 9, 2011

TTF signing day :)

Me, Betty (Summit Project's Model) and Dave posing for the official photos of art assault

Had fun during our signing with Dave, quite tiring though :)
...happy that our custom dunny just arrived in time for the signing

Friday, July 8, 2011

Doodled Guitar for TTF

Doodled an epiphone guitar to be given to Jen (owner of Monster Taipei and Organizer of TTF) as part of Art Assault's gift to them tomorrow. Dave also doodled on the guitar :)

Coarse "Paradise Lost" Exhibition and Stay Real Exhibition

We just found out that Mark is here at Taipei with a toy release at Paradise Toys, of course, can't miss this one lol Beautiful works by Mark, as usual :)

Dave and I went to Stay Real's exhibition just in front of TTF which both are on the same venue. Great stuff and designs.