Thursday, June 3, 2010

so much to do… so little time…

the 1st ever gunmetal celsius custom show in l.a. is only a month away, so we are all cramming our projects like crazy here in our workshop! we are finishing our custom ganpla series for the upcoming show and finalizing some drafts with collaborations with other artists. during my spare time, here are the games ive been playing..


Nier - i have mixed emotions while playing this game from square enix, sometimes, its a lot of fun, but sometimes, its boring, depending on the quests/sub quests youre taking. but overall its an ok game. the gameplay is 3rd person action, and whats unique with this game is the magic ability the protagonist has, its like a mix of gradius type shooting in 3d!, well, sort of. all in all, its still from square enix, so expect a quality story and nice gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption - the gameplay is gta, the controls are gta, but way better! i love the storyline, and its so much fun while riding the horses! a must have for console fans, but i must warn you, dont get too attached to your horses! :D

UFC undisputed 2010 - we at rotobox are fans of MMA since the pride days, i decided to buy this game since a lot has been added to the roster, and the gameplay is so much better than the 2009 edition. it still has a steep learning curve if you want to master the controls, but once you get the hang of it, its a joy to play this game. specially when im using shogun to knock out rashad evans…. :D


MGS Peace Walker - at long last, a metal gear game when youre on the go!, unlike the past mgs games for the psp, the gameplay is more like the traditional mgs games for the consoles. the only complain i have are the controls, its so hard to take aim using the buttons, i hope sony will put 2 analog sticks for their upcoming psp2. a must have for gamers! you can play mgs while taking a crap! 5 stars!

kingdom hearts birth by sleep - non stop action and top notch graphics, you cant miss this game for the psp. the storyline looks intriguing, but its all in japanese, so ill just have to wait for the us release this september and play it all over again. :D you can download an english patch for the game, but its still in WIP, so the narration and storyline is still in japanese.

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