Wednesday, August 25, 2010

...I am the bone of my sword..

heidy ho! its been a couple of months since my last post on games ive been playing, its been a busy 2 months for us here since the 1st ever custom celsius show, we've been doing lots of concept arts for our upcoming production projects, and we have a really super secret project coming up, and if theres a go signal for it, we will be posting the first concepts for the toy. i havent been playing a lot of console games lately, since there are no major good games released, well , except for the hatsune miku project diva 2nd and the just-released another century episode R. :D im currently playing the PC game "FATE STAY NIGHT" and i must say, its one of the best story game i have ever played. its a visual novel game, so its like reading a "choose your own adventure" novel. if you havent tried playing a visual novel game, FATE is a great game to start. its like watching a movie while reading a book while playing (well, you choose your decisions so its like playing lol). the story is reaaallly long. i think ive been playing it for over 50hours and im still at the 2nd storyline. but dont let the long hours fool you, with a great storyline and lots of twist and turns, its definitely worth it!

anyways, we just released our custom celsius "cap'n harlock" and after this, we will be concentrating on doing customs for the upcoming shows til november, then we will be releasing maybe another custom or 2 for the year. happy gaming!

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